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Librarian app :)

Thank you for making it so much easier to support black writers and writers who writer about black children.


I wish I had a resource like this when I was younger to display books where I saw characters that looked like me. Its great to see that there are in fact so many titles out there for children of colour when visibility in a broad sense is so sparse. I cant wait to see the titles expand to include more YA and adult titles, and maybe even some comics. Great so far though!

Great app!

I only wish this was made sooner! What a relief to be able to find books featuring diverse characters. Imagine how resourceful this could be for young children too!

Love this app!

Its about time something like this came around! I only wish I had something like this when I was younger! Children of color read too! Kayas initiative to break the subgenre of books about children of color is groundbreaking. I cant wait to share this with my younger sisters and friends! Looking forward to seeing the new literature initiatives that are sparked after the creation of this app. Get it get it get it! Its more than worth it.


i love this app. as a literary resource for people of color, it is amazing.

Great Resource!

This is such a significant, timely app that will make a great impact in the lives of young people. Well done!


A great resource for those in the education field!


According to research done by the Cooperative Childrens Book Center (CCBC) in 2012, out of 3600 children books, 93% were about white children and only 7% were about children of color. When I was compiling a summer reading list for elementary grade students this would have been a great resource! It is difficult to find resources for books about children of color even online, try googling "books for students of color". We need to address this problem! Thank you so much for app and please keep adding more books.


This is the app Ive been waiting for, I wish this had been around when I was a teen. Thank you for this!

I love it!

If only this were around when I was younger :/ but I love the entire message behind this app I hope it reaches the top of the charts

Truly Needed

This amazing app is exactly what I want to show my kids. Finally an excellent app that provides whats missing in literary society!


I will definitely use this with my students as I look for a wider and more diverse body of literature to use as an urban educator. Thank you Kaya for providing this invaluable tool!

Wonderful to feel included-one suggestion

Im so excited to see this!! If you havent already look into Daniel Black books. May I suggest linking the books to black owned book stores instead of Amazon-much more of an impact if we could put our money where our mouth is!


I cant wait to share this app with my staff at Ranson IB MS in Charlotte, NC!

Such a great reference

The list of books by authors of color for readers of color is growing and it makes me so happy. This is definitely a great app to start creating a reading list. It gives exposure to books that are overshadowed by the mainly white cast in other books.

Great App

What an awesome app, the diversity of this application makes reading for all children that much better. Great job Kaya, and loved you on Another Round


I heard about this app through a podcast (Books on the Night Stand). As a teacher, Im always looking for resources to help me incorporate multi-cultural and multi-ethnic literature into my classroom library. This is going to be a great help! Good work, Kaya!

my TBR list just grew like woah

Found this app through a friend, and am thoroughly delighted. I love YA, and I now have so many new books to read. Looking forward to when there are more adult titles included as well!

Thank You!

From what I can tell so far, there are some great books one can find by using this app! But the more important thing is WHY the creator of the app made it. I think there’s still a need for this NOW, and I’m sorry that it wasn’t around when she was a child or a young adult. I think that some people missed the point—yes, it’s great to have books that are about people of any age with disabilities (I don’t see that either), and having diversity in books for children (and every age). BUT this is about what she knows very well, and I’m so glad she did something about it. If you don’t see what you think are “diverse books for young people”, then do something about it. But don’t give bad ratings because you don’t understand something and decide that you DO know that “MLK would be disappointed” with it. There is nothing racist here. Do you have trouble finding books with white people who are the main characters? No. I have seen LGBTQ characters as positive main characters for a while. They weren’t black, but they were positive, main characters. I didn’t seek the books or stories out; I was reading different authors and books because they were offered, and then my opinion on them was desired. These books aren’t white-centered, and so it’s bringing out some fragility. I am excited that this app is free—kids don’t really have their own $ most of the time, or I didn’t—and libraries were where I checked out books. School and the town library. I hope people realize that it’s a big deal that a parent, family member, mentor, teacher, librarian, and kid can use this app for ZERO $ and find books! For books that are older, they can be purchased in various places as used. I hope someone will do this with adult books in a separate app. Best wishes to this woman for her work. Congrats on your well-deserved coding job!


So I got this app because I don’t have anything to read.. This app ONLY HAS 4 BOOKS!

Much love and support (:

Can we expand into adult black authored books as well? I’m a college student and would love more of a directory for all ages but still in support of people of color having this platform ! Excellent idea

More demographics

I was pleased to find books I’ve never heard of here, but please include more types of diversity such as LGBTQ+, disabilities, various religions, etc.

Love this App!

I can tell it is in the early stages but I appreciate having the content. With having two young black boys I wanted to make sure they could see children that look like them in books. It’s really minimalistic which is great for me because I just need ideas at this point.

👏🏾👏🏾 👸🏾

We read and develop Apps!! My daughter thanks you for such a great idea! Thank you for helping Devine who we are! Maybe you can add audio books? I’m hoping Apple allows books to be read like Alexa can some day. Maybe you can reach out to different authors or others that can help with this?

Great App!

Bravo - she’s became the change she wanted to see - huge number of books. It really does make a difference when the reader sees a reflection of self in stories. Also like that the App is very simple to use. Thanks so much!


More racist material? Interesting.

A good start

I think that this app is a good way to introduce all readers to diversity in children’s literature. What’s missing is a search feature (keyword, since novice searchers don’t know titles or authors), a link to neighboring libraries and book store, award winners and an index. As a veteran African American librarian, I’m always looking for ways to diversify a library’s collection and this could be a great tool that I could recommend to colleagues. Seek out librarians. We’re always willing to help!


I WISH this app was a thing when I was a child. There aren’t enough words to describe how important it is to read stories about people who look like you. Growing up I often times felt invisible because none of the main characters ever looked like me. BUT THIS!!!!! Kudos to Ms. Thomas for creating this wonderful app!

Reading not scary now

Finally we can show our people that learning to read is possible Not easy but can find black writer and story of black persons with pictures to learn


Authors not of the correct race are excluded. That is the definition of racism. Shame on you, Apple.

Great inspiration

Downloaded this app because I heard about it on the Gettin’ Grown podcast. I do not have kids but I downloaded this to show support and I have sent it to my friends with kids.

This is wonderful app

Thank you for this!! My nieces and nephews will love this. One of our favorite pastimes is reading together. There is nothing better than reading books with characters that look like us and stories they can relate too!! Thank you!

Great App for Parents

I am so happy to find books for my son to read. It is important to me that my son sees himself in books he reads! Thank you for making this!

A Wonderful App

Thank you to Kaya for creating this app! When I go into the book store, sometimes I just want to read a book that is for us by us about us. It’s hard to find this at times. I heard about this app on the Gettin’ Grown podcast and I downloaded it immediately. Check it out!

Awesome resource!

Always on the hunt for good books and this visual resource for diversity rich books is SOOO helpful!!! Love love love!! This is what every parent needs- so much easier and quicker to reference than online lists that I’ve kept bookmarked! Thank you for taking the time to put this together!!!


Representation matters!!! As a side note, anyone mislabeling this gem of a resource as racist has obviously been privileged enough not to have had to deal with the actual racism that would make such an app necessary. Anyway, I don’t want to detract too much from the positivity and good vibes this app is generating. A great place to get gift ideas and the like. Great work!

Any mom should have this app

I downloaded this app to help me diversify my collection of kids books. The recommendations have been really solid and we’ve found many new favorites for my two boys. Definitely recommend!

Awesome app

Love this app!!! So happy the getting grown podcast recommended it. It makes it so easy to find books that show us and are written by us! Representation is so important. Thank you, Kaya!!

Awesome App

THANK YOU!! Sooo much for your work and putting together an app we’re we can find all of the books for our little girls and boys. Easy access and representation is much appreciated and needed. Thank you very much! P.S- Don’t let the negative comments deter you, this is awesome and well appreciated. 😊

Encourages Segregation

Everyone reads, regardless of the color of their skin. An app like this continues to divide us. We have a lot more in common than differences.

I Love This!!!

I can’t wait to see how much this app grows!!!

Great resource for libraries!

As a librarian in rural California, I love and appreciate this app an I will be using it to assist me when purchasing library books for my community. I admire the young lady who created this app because she knows that representation matters and children of color need to see themselves represented in books as it helps increase their self esteem and lets them see themselves in a positive way.


As difficult as it can be to walk into a bookstore and find books that not only are written by POC but also highlight us in a positive light, you have done us ALL a huge favor and provided this platform in which is not only easy to navigate but also has a plethora of great choices! THANK YOU and keep up the wonderful work you’re doing.

Amazing app for community and education

This app is amazing for people of color and non poc to learn about more black authors and the stories that they have to tell of our cultures. It is beautiful that they are highlight and this is a beaming example of what Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr fought for. His message was equality and this helps gives POC authors the platform and reach that they did not have before. Thank you for this and I will be buying these books for my little cousins throughout the year.

Wonderful ❤️

Representation is everything!


Great idea and excellent presentation.

AMAZING! Thank you for the representation!

If you're looking for books that represent your little one and tired of sifting through all those other books at the store, THIS IS THE APP FOR YOU!!! From picture books to chapter books, all POC are represented in this app, meaning our unique POC stories as well. Anyone can go to walmart and find a book about the alphabet, but what about a book explaining why you should love your hair, what activism means and why we need it, I could go on for days. Please download and BUY THE BOOKS because WE READ TOO!


So happy to have this resource! I’m always looking for new books to introduce to the children in my life and this app will help to make that much easier!

It’s NOT racist

Growing up where almost every book I read as a child had characters that did NOT have brown skin. This is awesome. In a world where we are the minority showing our children that we deserve to be the main character not the side kick. Not the girl down the street. The main character. I am an aunt and godmother and I have already used this to purchase books for the kids I love. There Asian, African American and Caucasian. We are different but we are the same in many ways and we all deserve to be a front row participant in the fabric of the world. Go girl!! Awesome app.

Thank you for Providing a resource for this

True there are many books by people of color, and books with people of color as the protagonists, however, I have to pry through the depths of google to find them. Nice to have an app that that makes the search for these book immediately available!


This app is awesome!! Thank you Kaya!! It’s makes it much easier to find books with ppl of color for my little boy.

There are different ways of looking at this.

I grew up in Detroit...decades ago. I had several friends, both black and white.l have never been a racist. The sad part was when my black friends had books with drawings of only white children. This author is correcting that error! I am very happy to see these stories.

Brilliant Idea

I feel sorry for the person who went off on you calling you racist. They missed the point of your wonderful app. It will bring so much information to kids who need it most. I just wish I knew how to financially support the app. Good luck to you in this and your future projects.

Some More Features To Consider

I love the idea of this app, but I feel as if it is still in its early stages. Some things I think would be great to add are: a way to filter certain books by demographics. That way people know what group to read in, and it would help with the interface of not being able to search for specific books. Also, I feel like a section on queer books, books on disability, and books tackling mental health issues need to be put in as well because there is much more to add about diversity than race and ethnicity. This could be a great app that I would use for my future students, but it still needs some updating and new features to be considered something worth using daily in the classroom.

Love It!

Great App that Complies African American Story Books in one place.

As racist as can be

First off. Calling it, “We read too”...you are implying that people who are not of color think people of color do not read. Just the title of your racist app sets a precedent in a negative toward people of color. Second, you have created an app to SEGREGATE the minds of people of color only into books by people of color sending a inherent message that they shouldn’t read all books by any person. Thirdly, I can understand how the creator could have a problem with having a hard time finding books with characters of color that she wants back in high school. But acting like people are racist in America for not making enough books with people of color in them is absolutely idiotic. There are less people of color in America. Approximately 12-14% of the USA. So another comment in the review complained that only 7% of children’s books feature people of color. Well of course that would happen when only 12% of people in the USA are of color and not all of these people are writers and not every book with a person of color is exclusively written by a person of color. We are all free to do what we want just as the creator of this app is to make this racist progress killing garbage app. And I am free to call the hypocrisy and blatant racist tones is entails. MLK would be disgusted by this app.

We Needed This!

Thank you for this app. I struggle to sort through all of the book lists and even Goodreads to find books by/about people of color for my daughter. It’s also difficult to communicate all of those lists to my students in my courses. This has just made my life! If I can make two suggestions: 1) it would be nice to be able to search by topic and 2) it would also be nice to either create a list that stays on the app or connects to Goodreads. Thank you again! I’ll be sharing this app in all of my young adult and multicultural literature courses!

5 Stars💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽

Kayla my friends and I love the app. I definitely will share this app with my parents. Is there anyway your team can add genres by fiction or nonfiction?

Awesome, could have some more

This is an awesome app with a good selection of books. One small bug; the suggestion form has no scrolling or hiding keyboard so I can't see what I'm typing in the genre box. Also it'd be a super useful addition if there were tags based on things like African American, Asian, LGBTQ etc so I could narrow it down some. Keep up the good work

Racism plain and simple

I was trying to find an app for good kids books and this one talked about diversity. I thought there would be all sorts of characters like odd colored people (blue, yellow, etc) as well as monsters, other creatures, objects, etc. This app is just racist from the ground up. I was really disappointed in this. Equality is showing kids that they are all equal regardless of color. It’s depressing that people think they need to tell their children that they should act a certain way or read certain stories based entirely on skin color. If you teach racism that young then they’ll grow up counting skin color ratios and judging others not on the content of their character but on the color of their skin. I grew up being taught that everyone is equal and it’s extremely wrong to judge or give preference to anyone based on what color they are. I joined the military and they taught that everyone is green and there is a zero tolerance policy of discrimination. This app wouldn’t pass zero tolerance by any stretch of the imagination. I won’t teach anyone that skin color matters at all. I refuse to participate in rhetoric that raises our children to judge others based on color or feel that they don’t matter because their skin color is different. Shame on anyone that preaches racism to their children. You perpetuate the cycle. Everyone is unique and should be raised to have a character that will stand up for everyone regardless of race, sex, or orientation. MLK wouldn’t want us to harp on skin color as much as we do. Stop the cycle of racism and teach your children equality and strength of character. Teach them to be an individual instead of just another member of the group. If you are racist and want to read skin color based children’s books in order to properly induct them into the group and lose their individual identity then you should really check this out because it’s perfect for you. If you’re really trying to teach equality and being raised as a strong person instead of just another member of some Marxist group identity then just look through the book you’re going to read and use your judgement. There are plenty of resources to find good books. This is only for racists and those who need to lose a self for a group

Very happy!

Gracias, this app will certainly make a difference in the way my younger siblings view reading! 🙏🏽

Love the idea. Add more books.

Although I didn’t find any books that were for older people 20+ I still rate it 5 stars because as a person of color its always hard finding books by black authors with black characters. Please add more books for older people. Thanks.


You can read details about the book but non are ebooks. This search can be done online or in store.

Good app

The app is nice and has a lot of very good books, but it would be nice if we could actually read each book from the app. I’m disappointed that I can’t read any of the books on here.

Love the concept!

Really love the concept! Need it broken out in to some genres so I’m not overwhelmed by a long list of books. It would also benefit from some expansion beyond kids and YA as well. Other than that I’m really enjoying this app! Would recommend!

Good beginning app; with few additions, it would be a great app!

I love the app, for it contains a large list of books, and many of the books I haven’t read. I do wish, however, that they were separated by genre. That would make it easier for us to suggest more titles and to find more books that meet our interests.

Love it

Makes it so easy to find amazing books for my niece!

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